At the beginning of the school year 2010-2011, there were new faces to see. We have met new students, classmates and even teachers. How silly it is that there are younger and  way better teachers hired in Marian School of Quezon City (MSQC). For sure, every year, new faces will be seen again and young teachers will be met. 
Other than the faculty members, these are some of the other changes we have this school year 2010-2011:
*THE RAMP- It used to be very inconvenient for the graders, especially to those with trolley bags, to go up the stairs while trying to lift their heavy bags. So the ramp had been constructed at the front of the Building A to give convenience to the students.
*T.L.E. LABORATORY- From an open area to a closed room. The new T.L.E. room is now supplied with much more materials. Now, we don't have to borrow things from the canteen because the new T.L.E. Lab is now more complete.
*Airconditioners- The classrooms are now cooler and more conducive to learning for the students because of the supplied airconditioners for each classrooms. But there's one note to follow, "Thou shall not touch thy airconditioners".
*History Arts and Culture Week (New Event) - It is annually celebrated but it is entirely different this year because it is prepared for because of new activities, like the Historivia (trivia) , Laro ng Lahi (Pinoy Games) and much more!!!
*Newly opened classrooms in Bldg. B: Due to the high number of enrollees in MSQC, two rooms in bldg. B were opened. These have been reconstructed last summer 2010. The said rooms were for the First Year – Deuteronomy and Second Year – Ecclesiastes students. Sections had been added in some classes, also due to the number of enrollees. It has been predicted that every year, there will be an increasing number of enrollees. And renovations are in order for additional classrooms.
*MSQC Room Facilities  : Some rooms and facilities were also reconstructed and moved. The AVR, which used to be in the Bldg. B, second floor, was moved to building A on the first floor. It has new set-ups and equipments. The computer room, between the canteen and the former T.H.E room, was moved to first floor at bldg. A, at the old Fourth year students’ classroom. The room was more organized as it was before. The computers were on each side of the room, leaning against the wall. Then, on the middle, there are chairs and a white board.
*Preschool Classroom The young students will be more peaceful site because they are far from noises from the noise of the passersby at the  corridor , running and chattering. The classroom has been more organized as it was before because the room where they are staying was the former computer room. It’s not just one whole classroom, it has a division. In MSQC main, there are the Kinder and Prep students. Meanwhile, there are also Nursery/Kinder and Prep at MSQC Spazio Bernardo.
*The Citadel: Yes, this list includes a new club that will try its very best to deliver information and will train students in journalistic and creative writing, photography and cartooning. This club also has a blogsite and a facebook account where latest news, tidbits and photos of the happenings in our school are being posted immediately after they happen.
We’ve seen changes as years pass one after the other and definitely, we will be seeing more and more improvements, a proof that MSQC is the little engine that could!