Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Citadel's Editorial Board 2011-2012

Congratulations! Welcome to new staffers and welcome back to returning staffers! One year na tayo!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Erratum: The Citadel Vol I, Issue no. 1

We are very sorry for the following errors on the pages of The Citadel's first issue:

*1 Caption:  Red Pythons win champ trophy
The Red Pythons Cheerlead(ead)ers in their ecstatic routine.p.1

*2 Caption: Students go Anime during Dance Night '10
Innah Mae Ramos for (Ainy Ramos) and Ny(e)ma Magondacan

*3 Pharagraph 2: Juniors, Seniors bring out the formal
Prom Prince, Jan Karl (Carandang), p. 3

*4 Editorial Cartoon: Artwork by: Andrea Pimen(t)tel, p.4

*5 Three treats for Marians' HS Field Trip
Pargaraph 5 (spacing), Paragraph 6 (spacing)
- the text continues this way: strengthened their bonds with their fellow Marianistas.

We will be very happy to hear your comments and suggestions for the next issue.
Thank you for the consideration.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

CITADEL Poll#8 Where will you be this summer?

Summer is approaching and everybody is rushing to finish their school stuff to hibernate, rest, and spend time under the heat of the sun. How about you, Marianista? Where will you be this summer?

Monday, March 7, 2011

Red Pythons win champ trophy

 -Sheena Oab
Images courtesy of Joy Suguitan and Clyde Salas

      Underdog team Red Pythons ranked highest during the awarding ceremony, February 11 for the Sportsfest 2011 that officially started last February 2  and was capped by the Family Day celebration last February 5. Team Green Wildcats followed as second place and the other teams that followed were the Blue Jaguars and the Yellow Bombers.
The opening day was started by the parade of each team, the lighting of the torch, and the cheering competition.
The start of the Sportsfest was initially rough for the Pythons having no major winnings in the main events. The sports events that were participated in by the four teams are Basketball, Volleyball, Table Tennis, and Badminton. There were also chess, cheerleading, muse and escort, parlor games and banner that were part of the scoring system.
        Mr. and Ms. Intrams HS division were Gideon Lucson and Alyssa Joy Suguitan from the RedPythons; Grades 4-6 were Cianel San Vicente and Clyde Salas; Grade 3 were Phoebe Manuel and Marion Troy Anastacio; and Grades 1-2 , Nicolo Oliveros and Ivy Fernandez.
In the cheering competition, the Green Wildcats won first place followed by the Blue Jaguars.
The High school division’s basketball game boiled down to the battle between Bombers and Pythons where the Bombers won; the final match for volleyball girls was between the same team as well where the Pythons bested the others. 
Other than the students, some faculty members joined in the major ballgames and parlor games during the Sportsfests and the Family Day.

          Here are images of the winners during the Mr. & Ms. Intrams Modelling Competition: