Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Monday, August 23, 2010

The Citadel Poll : “Wikang Filipino kaya pa bang wikain ng wasto?”

In connection to the upcoming celebration of the Buwan ng Wika, the latest poll of the MSQC citadel will try and see how many are still capable of being a Filipino in words. The uprising of many improprieties in the alteration of our language seemed to have influence the youth to be peculiar not only in ways but also in language use.

Kaya pa nga ba ng “pag-asa ng bayan” na magsalita gamit ang wikang Filipino sa loob ng isang araw? This, only you can answer.

See the right corner of this page and click on your vote, Marianista. Keep on suggesting poll topics in our fb account citadel_10@ymail.com.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Poll names fave Eskinita Boy

     66 % of total votes named Sir Ethen the most liked Eskinita boy, followed by Sir Jerry with 33%, and Sir Andrew with 26%. 3% of votes came from some who do not like anybody among the three. 
     Thank you for supporting the trial poll version of The Citadel here on Blogger.
      Send a poll question of your choice to our Facebook account and we will answer your call through the number of likes from your friends. Here in Citadel Blogger, your words and votes matter.
      PS: This may not seem like a news but Sir Andrew turned a year older. Do not forget to greet him, Marianista.
      From all of us here in The Citadel, we wish you a happy birthday, Sir Andrew.

Monday, August 9, 2010

MSQC Citadel now on Blogger and Facebook

         July 2010, a vision emerged. Little by little, that vision will be realized.
         The men behind "The Citadel", the official student publication of Marian School of Quezon City (MSQC) are taking a new course in bringing information faster and accessible to all Marians. 
         We give you our very own Blogger site. In here, we will post some of the juiciest news, tidbits, features, exclusive photos, polls and many more.
         In the absence of a blogger account, all followers are advised to post reactions and comments in our Facebook account: citadel_10@ymail.com.

         Note: This page is in a working progress. 

Voter's Spree

In here, you can be a part of the noisiest buzz around campus by making your voice be heard through your vote on a juicy issue (relevant or otherwise). What matters is you get to be involved.

This week, you get to choose on who is your Eskinita Boy. This is in response to a riveting surprise number presented by Sir Jerry, Sir Andrew and Sir Ethen during the Student Idol finals.

Check out the poll box on the right side of this page and click your vote. Time's running. Better hurry.